NextAve – Connect With Your Favorite Sales Associates

After working in the ecommerce and marketing field for eight years, Jia Lan, co-founder of NextAve, observed a great need for a platform for communication between customers and their sales associates (SAs).

“Jia came to me,” laughed Michael, the other co-founder of the app, “ saying, We’ve got to do this now, or it’s going to be too late!”

“Yes,” Jia followed, “I saw a great demand and opportunity – because there was no platform for them to do that [communicate] yet. They [SAs and customers] are just using Instagram, Facebook, and Wechat…But these platforms are not designed specifically for this purpose”.

So he went to Michael, with the idea to create together a social, luxury online shopping platform that connects sales associates with customers — a platform that is not purely for transactional purposes but for building relationships between SAs and their clients. They quit their jobs to work fully on building a new kind of personal shopping app that guarantees customers credible and trustworthy SAs, and offers an easy product management system for SAs to create and organize orders – something that the present system of transacting through Instagram, Facebook, and Wechat lacked.

“Another thing – the current way sales associates do outreach is to wait passively in their stores for customers to come. And it is very limited,” observed Jia and Michael. That’s why, NextAve offers customers who are looking to make purchases a targeted place to find credible SAs who are selling exactly what they want. Customers can always return to the same SAs in the future for more purchases if there is chemistry between them.

Founding team of NextAve: Micheal (left) and Jia (right)

Jia and Michael hope to grow NextAve into a major online personal shopping social platform in the next couple years. “We already have a pool of ready-to-buy customers at hand, mostly clients with high-purchasing power. What we are looking for now is a great team of sales associates who can bring real value to customers; not just to bring them good deals, but to know the customers personally. Personal to the point where they know their customers’ skin types, and have the ability to recommend the kind of product that works best for their customers’ skin.

“Our target in the future, on top of having a wide range of luxury SAs on our platform, is to bring in VR [Virtual Reality] technology to NextAve, so customers can experience a “real” shopping experience at the store,” envisioned Jia. “Aside from that, we are planning to set up an analytics team to create transaction reports for SAs to provide them with data to better plan their marketing campaigns.” On top of that, the team at NextAve is also planning to set up customer groups to enhance the social element of the app, so customers can consult with their friends and can shop together.

“NextAve is all about providing the best shopping experience,” concluded Jia.

NextAve is one of its kind as it combines social platform with luxury ecommerce functions. Looking to reach out and make sales with clients who are interested and ready to buy your high-end fashion and beauty products? 

Download the NextAve app and start selling with us now!