April 1, 2018

Tips for clients

Get start on NextAve

How to follow SAs and make purchase on NextAve?

Find the right SAs to connect! Click the top “Beauty” or “Fashion” menu, find the brand you like, and see all SAs who work for the brand. Click “Connect” to follow the SAs you select. After that you can view their deals, send Queries and receive private offers from them. Click “Message Me” at the bottom of the screen to chat with them.

You can reserve your orders via queries, deals, private offers or simply chatting with SAs via NextAve message.

Why and how to verify my email?
  • You need to verify your email before reserving any deals with SAs
  • You may verify your email right after signing up NextAve account because the verification email will be sent automatically. Or you may reverify your email anytime from your NextAve App’s “Settings”
  • The verification email is sent from “NextAve APP HelpDesk (helpdesk at querymall.com)”. If you cannot find it please check your spam folder
  • Follow the instruction to verify your email then you can enjoy all features on NextAve!
What the benefit for me to use NextAve?
  • SAs are professional, they will provide you expert advice on product selection.
  • Some SAs can MATCH their competitor stores’ offers. So, you can enjoy the deals from both your SAs and their competitors’!
  • Some SAs will also send you private gifts or samples with purchase. Please ask them directly by clicking “Message Me”.
How can I contact NextAve team?

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please feel free to email us at team@nextave.com. You can also chat with the NextAve Customer Support on the App or post on NextAve forum at Huaren.us. We will get back to you A.S.A.P.

Where can I view the current promotions?
  • Our NextAve team will highlight some hot deals on NextAve’s “Deals” page, our WeChat Channel and on the NextAve forum page at Huaren.us
  • Also under “Deals”, you will see the special offers from the SAs you followed

Query Related Questions

How to send a Query
  • Make sure you are following/connecting with the SA you want to send Query to
  • At “Home”, click “Queries” on the top menu, then follow the video below to send out a Query
  • Note: if you cannot find the products you need, please write the product’s name(s) in the note section (on the last page scroll down to see the note section)






How to “Reserve Order” from Query

If your SA(s) send you an offer for your “Query”, you may view it, accept it and reserve it! The following video shows how it works.


Payment Related Questions

How about the payment after “reserve order”?

Right now NextAve cannot take payments from Clients, so clients and SAs will need to communicate to have this final step done.

After a client “reserves order” with a SA, the client needs to chat with the SA (click the “Message Me” button) and let the SA know that he/she is ready to pay. The SA will then call or chat with the client to get the payment information such as a credit card or a gift card number. With the payment information the SA will help to place the order through their store system immediately.

Note that SAs are NOT allowed to ask clients to send money to their personal accounts. For clients, if the SA asks you to transfer money to his/her personal account, please refuse to do so and let NextAve Support know immediately. NextAve will not be able to protect the transaction if the payment goes to a SA’s personal account


My NextAve App does not work on some wireless network, what shall I do?

We got some reports that NextAve did not work appropriately on certain area’s wireless network. We sincerely apologize if you experience this issue please turn on WiFi, and usually it will work well. We are working hard to solve the issue. If you see this issue please send an email to us: team@nextave.com or contact our team on huaren.us forum, thank you!

My NextAve chatting keeps loading and I cannot chat with my contact

Very occasionally you may see this kind of error on your chatting. Please click “Settings”, log out your account and sign in again. If you still see this issue please contact us at team@nextave.com

I saw push notifications on my screen but I couldn’t see the messages at Chats

Very occasionally you may see this kind of error on your chatting due to network connection issue. Please click “Settings”, log out your account and sign in again. If you still see this issue please contact us at team@nextave.com